S1001B Hot/Cold/Ambient Table Top Direct Piping Water Dispenser

S1001B Hot/Cold/Ambient Table Top Water Dispenser

Product Description

  ✔ Hot/Cold/Ambient
  ✔ Round Press Tap Design
  ✔ Luxurious Colour
  ✔ Safety Lock with Touch Panel
  ✔ Stainless Steel Water Tank
  ✔ Direct Piping
  ✔ Made In Korea

Product Specification

Product Name PTS
Model No. S1001B
Rated Power AC 220V / 50Hz
Dimension 340(W) x 385(D) x 520(H)
Cold Tank Capacity 5.6ℓ
Cold Temperature 1.6ℓ
Power Consumption 120W
Hot Tank Capacity 4°C - 12°C
Hot Temperature 70°C - 90°C
Filter System 4 Stages water filter
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