40CSW Hot & Ambient Wall Mounted Direct Piping Water Boiler

40CSW Wall Mounted / Table Top Water Boiler

Product Description

  ✔ Hot and Ambient
  ✔ MCU Control System With LCD Display
  ✔ Quintuple Protection Technology And Automatic Alarming.
  ✔ Ultra-Thin Dimension, A Great Leap In Design
  ✔ Safety lock for water tap
  ✔ Heating Tube Self-Descaling Technique
  ✔ Direct Piping

Product Specification

Product Model GEMI GM-K1-40CSW
Capacity 40ℓ
Temperature 40C – 99C adjustable
2 Dispensing Outlet Hot and Ambient
Body Casing Brunched Stainless Steel
Control/Display LCD Programming Setting
Power Input 220V /50-60HZ
Faucets Type Anti-Scaled Faucet
24/7 Setting 24 hours 7 days setting.
Temporary Function One touch button for temporary usage (30/60/120 minutes)
Dimension 540 (W) x 190 (D) x 693 (H)
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