SS9000 sparkling water cooler


A continuous carbonation to give an infinite  amount  of carbonated water. The degree of carbonation, the quantity of gas that is able to enter into the water, depends on temperature: if the water is cold, is mixed a greater quantity of gas; however, up to a temperature of 17 / 18 ℃ , the carbonation is more than satisfactory.

A type of carbonation with small bubbles intimately linked to water, that makes the taste similar to a naturally sparkling water. Adaptable to various pressures of the water network with two models.

The CS-U model: without a pump, is used when the water pressure in the water supply exceeds 2 bar (0.2 MPa). Inside the refrigerator there is a pressure reducer prefabricated to 2 bar so that if the water pressure in the water network has variables values.

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